Can't Burn DVD Image files!


I have the following problem, hopefully you can help me out, because it’s driving me nuts! Anyway, I’m trying to burn a DVD image, I have LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B burner, and I’m using Nero 7.5.9.

I can burn Data DVD/CD and image CDs without any problem, the only problem is that I’m not able to burn DVD .img or .iso files, It would start burning, but it would stuck at 3% and eventually fail… Anyway, the log is attached, I hope that you can help me, it’s very appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


Im havig sim. problems i can get it to burn but its verry slow setting at min write and for copying 4/8* read also recode is very slow have installed 7.2.3b on my laptop and it runs as of old, Reliably. Am sendig sets of logs & system info to Nero for them to sort problem