Can't burn DVD from .NRG & .ISO

Hi folks
I’m trying to copy my wedding DVDs using Nero. I created a .nrg file and then burnt the image to a disk, but my player and the PC can’t read it. I then tried DVD Shrink & DVD Decryptor and created a .ISO file which I also tried to burn to a DVD-R drive, but it would not work either. Can anyone advise what I’m doing wrong?

i take it you’re burning the disc as an image file and not simply burning the image onto a data disk?

I doubt your wedding dvd’s contain region codes, CSS encryption and are bigger than 4.7 gigabytes. Can’t you just make backups?

To be honest gents, I’m a novice to this. I presumed I can’t just drag and drop the files to DVD (sounds too easy!) because there must be some encryption in force to stop the wedding company allowing it’s customers to copy their DVD (I paid for it, it’s mine!!!) without paying them another charge. Also, one of the set of 3 did work through Nero which led me to believe it must have slipped encryption. Are you saying I use a utility to see the files and just burn them to the DVD instead of makig an image?

No worries, everyone started as a novice once :slight_smile:

  • shutdown every possible application on your system
  • start up dvdshrink (
  • insert your original wedding dvd
  • select open disc, check the volume label and click ok
  • check if the analysis shows CSS keys (use and search for CSS to know what it is)
  • Exit dvd shrink, right click (use your mouse and press the right button) on the drive letter of your dvd drive and open the disc (not autoplay)
  • go to the VIDEO_TS folder, select all files and check how big the total size is
  • go to the AUDIO_TS folder, select all files and check how big the total size is

If DVDShrink crashed, your dvd is extremely high protected
If DVDShrink shows no CSS keys your dvd is probably unprotected
If the added total of all the files in VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS is under 4.5 Gigabytes you do not need to “shrink” your dvd.

Thanks Mr Belvedere, I will try this out tonight. I presume once the files are copied over, I should be able to insert the DVD into the home DVD system player and it should work.
Made a lot of coasters trying to crack this! Will report tomorrow.
Regards Minkos.

If you’ve been able to make ISO images with DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter you should just be able to use DVD Decrypter to burn the image. This is just about the easiest possible process.

What media are you using? Nero’s CD-DVD Speed will get the Media ID which you can post back. It’ll be under Disc Info.

If all the above doesn’t work try this:

1.) Start Nero and create a New DVD-Video disc.
2.) Pull in all your files from your original DVD.
3.) Pull down the Recorder menu in nero and click the Select Recorder option. When the window pops up select Image recorder. Press ok.
4.) Hit the burn button. When Nero pops up the Open Image file select the *.ISO type file and name your image file then press ok.
5.) This will burn an Image of your original disc.

TO Burn an Image
1.) Start Nero and pull down the recorder menu. Select the recorder option and set to DVD recorder.
2.) Pull down the Recorder menu and select Burn Image.
3.) Hit the burn button, when nero asks for the Image file point to the image that you created.

Hope this helps you out.

Hi Guys
Feel a bit of a doofus having tried the sledgehammer to crack a nut method of burning a DVD! The wedding DVDs are copied and playing by simply dragging the files and dropping onto the DVD using Nero. Wonder still, why it did not work using DVD Shrink as the process I used worked on one.
Anyways, thanks for all your help guys.

Thats ok doofus :clap:

Just kidding. I have been there and feel like a doofus most of the time.