Can't burn dvd after coverting from fat32 to NTFS

after I converted from fat32 to ntfs I cannot burn dvd’s but i can watch them and play cd’s and burn cd’s I have tried dvd shrink , nero , dvd clone 2 , dvd decrypter none of these will burn the movie to dvd it will encode after that the dvd burner will not show the only options i have is hard disk and image can someone please help me ?:bow: I have a IBM R51 operating system windows xp pro

Just a few questions first, o.k? From what I can tell this notebook comes with XP Pro already installed, so why were you using Fat32? Also, it seems that it only comes with a CD burner/ DVD reader, a combo drive. Did you add a DVD burner and if so, which make and model #?

it was a refurbished laptop no I have not installed a dvd burner I thought since it was burning cd’s then it should burn dvd’s it also plays dvd’s and when I use dvd shrink it encode the movie only problem after that it don’t ask for a dvd the movie is stored on hard drive. the cd/dvd drive I have is a

Well, you have a combo drive, it will burn CD’s but not DVD’s. If you want a DVD burner you might want to look into getting an external one or you can try replacing the one you have with an internal DVD burner.