Can't burn DL's with LiteON 812s@832s VS0M

I’m so angry :a … I bought some DL DVD’s for test, and none I burned right. I tried Verbatim’s, Emtec’s and TDK’a. Tried Nero, Alcohol, DVD Decrypter and CopytoDVD. None worked. It’s not like that it can’t burn it at all, but it burns little to slow. LITTLE. Around 0.1x. :confused: The light on burner just blinks, and after 1.5 hour I had 7% done :confused: Anybody knows, why is that?

Thanks in advance for any help.

DMA off, and only Verbatims should be used.

DMA is off, and I tried two Verbatim’s. After few testing, I figured out, that firmware VS0M has some serious problem with ANY DVD+ media (+R, +RW, +R DL). But DVD- it burns very good. But In CG5J everything was OK, not only DVD-. So, can somebody confirm this? Or only I have problem with this firmware?

DMA should be on - I believe chef was suggesting, correctly, that it was off.

There’s a thread about enabling DMA here.