Cant Burn DL +R With CloneDVD2

I’ve been using CloneDVD for a while now with 100% rate on Verbatim DVD-R. Bought Verbatim DL +R to copy with and it wont write to the disk at all.

Windows XP pack2
Sony 820A DL Firmware1c
Latest update’s on CloneDVD & AnyDVD,
Drives defraged
Ran Sony Drive check with CDR, DVD-R and DVD+R DL, said all ok
Burning at 4x and max

It will copy and save it in the folder, but when it startes to write the light on the drive will flash a few times and stop, all it says on the screen is:

setting up, erasing…

I have to Control/Alt/Del to stop Clone DVD and reboot the computer to try again.

It never starts writing and the disk is blank, clone DVD will continue like this until it times out, I will come back to the computer to check up on the progress and it will be on the log in screen for Windows.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Clone DVD & AnyDVD but no change, I also tried the previous version’s with out any luck.

Any idea’s???


I don’t know but do you have the lasted firmware on your Sony DL writer?

Yes, 1c is the latest.

Try deleting the software then re-install the software. It could be a software issue, or you sony dl drive doesn’t support the media code.

You changed the quality setting in Clonedvd2 to “dvd±r DL”, right?

By the way, if you’re going to use Verbatim +R DL media, I would use Clonecd instead of Clonedvd2 to preserve the original layer break position (Clonedvd2 will not preserve the original layer break position).

Burning at 4x and max

What is the rated speed of the media you’re using?

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u8racing –

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Perchance do you have any invasive Packet Writing Software Programs installed on your computer? Packet Writing Software Programs are noted to cause various conflict error problems and could possibly be interfering with proper functioning of AnyDVD/CloneDVD. The following are examples of packet writing software programs –> Sonic DLA, Nero InCD, NTI FileCD, Roxio DirectCD/Drag-To-Disc, CE Quadrant Just!Burn, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s Clip, NeoClip, InstantBurn. This is not an extensive complete list, there are numerous others. If you have ANY Packet Writing Software Programs installed strongly suggest to completely removing them from your computer. Packet Writing Software Programs are very invasive, cause numerous conflict error problems, and do not perform correctly.

Also it is a good idea to ensure that you don’t have excessive Multi Tasking operations active during the DVD copying process. To ensure that all background Multi Tasking operations are in fact curtailed check that ALL unnecessary programs are not automatically loaded during Window Startup. To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. You will be surprised at all the unnecessary Memory and Resource wasting items that are automatically loaded during Windows Startup. Quite possibly you could have some background Multi Tasking operations active during the DVD copying process that is interfering with the proper functioning of AnyDVD/CloneDVD. Suggest when visiting the below referenced Web Link to also check out Paul “PacMan” Collins’ huge “Startup Applications” list (


I do have the setting set to DVD DL in CloneDVD, the rated speed is up to 10X, but I always go with 4X, seems to be better quaility.

No packet writing software in this computer.

Have uninstalled & reinstalled Clone & anyDVD, no change.

I will go through my start up list to remove unwanted programs.

I’ll double check the media code for the drive, but Sony drive check program wrote to the DL disk in the test just fine.

Thanks for the input.