Can't burn DL (Pioneer DVR-116D)

[qanda]This thread is about the Pioneer DVR-116D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I was having no trouble burning double layer DVD using Nero 9 until I downloaded an update. Now the software starts to write to disk, recognizes layer one, starts to write the Lead Out instead of tracks, then aborts. I have updated drivers, reinstalled software, tried different media, contacted Nero, all to no avail. I use Registry Mechanic periodically. Could I have screwed up the registry? Help please.

What kinda media are you using and what is your burn speed? Alot of bad burns is result of bad media.

Do not use Nero for DL burning, get ImgBurn, much better.
Be careful with Registry Mechanic, I got rid of mine after last version, too many things you have no control over, but I do not think it messed up Nero, it could be their update.

I don’t know or use Nero 9 but my Nero 6 will burn to DL media perfectly fine. So if your having that much problem with Nero 9 uninstall of it and then reinstall it without InCD. InCD causes more problem then it helps regardless of Nero version you using. I got rid of it long time ago cause only Nero installed computer will see InCD formatted media. So dump InCD if you have it installed. But as before uninstall of Nero 9 and then reinstall Nero 9 and install with latest updates and restart and try again and see if that doesn’t fix the problem. Usually doing this resolve most problems of using a program unless it is so buggy or problematic then I would get rid of it. But since you own it-it best to uninstall and reinstall and see if it doesn’t improve performance for you again.

If Nero9 is same as version 7, than I would not be too supriesed.
It took five updates for version 7 to work. You could not update just like that, you had to uninstall first using Nero Tools to get new version in. This was going on till version 7.5.
Than came 8, it was on for about six month and version 9 was introduced.
I still have 7, never went higher.