Can't burn DL DVDs with PI Studio 9 Plus

Hello .

i’ve got a problem and hope for your help:

I have:

  • Studio 9 Plus, Rel. 9.3.5
  • a BenQ 1620DL DVD writer
  • a Verbatim 8.5 Gig double layer media

My problem:

  • When I try to burn my 100 minute movie in 100% quality to this DVD media, I only can select the media type “DVD +R +RW or DVD -R -RW” in Studio 9, what means 4.7 gig an results in an error like “disk too small”.

Well, has anybody else encountered this problem?
Does anybody know how to burn a double layer media with Studio 9? (It should work, shouldn’t it?)

Thanks in advance


Additional information:
I already sucessfully burned DL-DVDs on my system, for example with Nero.

I can create an 8.5 Gig IMAGE with my Studio 9 - but have no chance to burn that image (same “disc to small” problem)

A DVD+DL disk only hold 7.96gb rather than the 8.5 gb printed on it, similar to a single layer dvd holding 4.37gb rather than the printed 4.7gb.

Good to know, thanks.
Unfortunately this is no solution to my problem. Studio 9 claims that I work with single layer disks.

Cheers, Chris

I dont think Studio 9 has DL burning capabilities. Have you tried the ‘create disc content but dont burn it’ option? This may allow you to create content onto your hard drive which is larger than the 4.7 GB limit. If its succesful in doing this you could use Nero or DVD Decrypter to burn it to the DL disc


I have the same problem as qqcd (also same s/w & media), only difference is that I have a Sony DRU700A drive with VY06e firmware.

Pinnacle forum states that version 9.3.5 should work with DL discs as it was a fix from 9.3.0.