Cant burn "Derailed" and i have anyDVD

i am having difficulties burning “Derailed”. I own anyDVD and i have the most recent update on it. I have tried using CloneDVD and even Shrink, and i get error messages. How can i get pass this so that i, can move on to burn another movie? Or what am i doing Wrong?

you can start by actually describing your problem.

program versions are nice. (“most recent” is not a version)
drive model?
what are the exact error messages?
at what point in the process do you get them?
if during burning, what is the media ID of your blank media? burn speed?
region/format/edition of the disc? (ie R1 USA, NTSC, widescreen special edition)

the more info the better. we can’t help if you don’t tell us anything!

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my bad on the double posting, its just thought i was in the wrong room for an answer. As for the the other info. requested by reasonsnotrules, i would have to get back to you on that.

Just finished burning Derailed. No problems here.

how you burn it?

we’re trying to help you, but without the information asked, there’s not much we can do…

if you’re still looking for help please answer the questions as they are very important in determining your problem. if we can’t determine the problem then we can’t suggest a solution.

if you’re not interested in making the effort to help us identify your problem then please say so and I can remove this thread from my watch list…

the version of anyDVD i have is

the error message i get, is on Clone DVD2:

[I]Scheduler 0 E:/Video_TS/VTS_10_3 VOB:23: read error TC Sector Reader TCE[/I]

i have a Plexor PX708A burner

DVD region 1

How do i find the firmware?

Version of DVD is Widescreen Edition Unrated

the error occurs during the reading portion of clone DVD.

rip the disc to your hard drive using the anydvd ripper (right click the fox "rip video-dvd to hard drive)

process these files in clonedvd2

let us know how that goes. if this doesn’t work it’s possible your copy has mastering errors, but i haven’t seen too many complaints about this title. I’m fairly confident there is no new copy protection and if your disc can be copied the anydvd ripper and clonedvd2 will do it.

i attempted ripping the DVD to hard disk, did not work either. 42% into the process, it stops. So if this copy has mastering errors does this mean all the Derailed DVD has it. Can i just attempt to rent another one and try to see if the process works.

your copy is rented? :cop: :rolleyes:

Well … that’s the end of this thread! Such a regrettable waste of bjkg’s & Reasonsnotrules’ effort.

We can’t help member-busted or self-confessed :doh: pirates. We have to protect the integrity of the cdf board, as it applies to Swedish law.


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No one on this Forum is going to provide any assistance to you to copy a Commercial DVD Movie Title that you don’t own.

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i do know that derailed is css encrypted and not the newer arcoss stuff and i did it fine with just dvd decrytor and clonedvd2

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