Can't burn data onto DVD+R?

I’m trying to burn an ISO to dvd+r with my new burner and i get an error that says please insert writable disc.

Burner is a an LG GSA-H42LK
Media is Memorex DVD+R 8x

There are plenty of people around here who will debate whether any Memorex is “writable” or even worth writing to. :wink:

Which program are you using to burn with?

Perhaps you could check to see if the media id code will show up using DVDIdentifier or Nero CD/DVD Speed (Disk Info tab). Then report back here

And if at all possible, get some Verbatim 16x media, download and use ImgBurn for burning ISO’s and set your burning speed to 8x or 12x for those Vebatims.

Not really debate, just let the user understand what the consequences are. If they choose the latter, so be it.

:cool: :cool: