Cant burn "Darkness"



Hi folks…newbie here…This is my first post!..Im trying to burn the movie Darkness using Nero6 and AnyDVD, using a new Sony external DVD burner (710UL I think). The movie has a playing time of 102 minutes, and the DVD+R Im using is a Memorex 8x, 4.7 GB, 120 minutes. When I try to burn, I get a message to the effect the blank DVD is too small. I did check the size of the movies DVD and it was 6.something GB, so I see the problem, but how do I get around it, and why is the movie 102 minutes, and the blanks are supposed to hold 120 minutes but dont? Thanks for the help, much appreciated.



The easiest would be to use a program which can make the movie “smaller”, so it would fit. CloneDVD would be a good choice (available together with AnyDVD for a nice price).


So my combination of Nero6 and AnyDVD wont work?


It does work, but Nero does not “make the movie fit on the disc”.


What a salesman. :wink:


Since no one else answered this for you, I’ll take a stab at it. The time on those DVD’s, both the original and the blank, don’t mean a whole lot when it comes to actual size on the DVD. For instance, the 102 minute movie takes up over 6 gig. This is because it is using a higher bitrate for better quality video. Transcoders like Nero Recode and CloneDVD are able to drop unnecessary data to get the size down to 4.7 gigs which is the size of your blank DVD. So, the lesson is, pay attention to the size on disc rather than the number of minutes a movie is. I hope this helps.


Thanks for the replies! Samuri…Do I have to do something in Nero to enable this? I dont see anything there regarding it (recode). Thanks much.


Open Recode. Select either Recode an entire DVD to DVD or Remake main movie to DVD. On the next page, select the stuff you want to keep, and make sure fit to target is checked. Then make sure DVD-5 is selected in the drop down box. That should give you output that’ll fit the recordable DVD’s you bought.


Practical steps (not answered either, btw):

  1. Run AnyDVD.
  2. Download and use DVDShrink (enable option burning with Nero).
    That’s it.

Here you can download DVDShrink (free software) and you will find a quick guide too:

Good luck.


If you are using the version of Nero that came with your Sony drive, it doesn’t include Nero Recode. Personally I like Nero Recode, so I got the upgrade. Lots of programs out there - I have also have used CloneDVD and 1 Click DVD copy - all do much of the same thing in reducing the size of the original DVD. Depending on who you talk to, they will say a particular program has benifits over another. Basically, you pays your money and you takes your choice.

I do have to say though that the support I have have from Slysoft (AnyDVD & CloneDVD) has been pretty amazing!!