Can't Burn Cue Files with Nero Burning Rom

I’ve tried using 2 different copies of Nero premium 7 to burn ISO & Cue Files. I get errors before I even get into the program. All the other modules work fine… (Express, Recode, Showtime, etc.) I am able to burn ISO files with Ulltra ISO, but still cannot burn CUE files. This has happened on 2 different computers. What am I doing something doing wrong?

This seems to be a bug that has been mentioned before. We will just have to wait for an update that fixes it.

Is there another Application out there to burn a CUE file?

Is the CUE file associated with a BIN file or is it an audio stream , like WAV or MP3. If it’s audio & you want to create an Audio CD then try Burrrn ( .

Its a KVCD. There is a cue and a bin file.

If you install daemon tools, then mount the cue/bin image in that, you can use nero to make an image file that you can burn.