Cant burn cds

i have a lite on dvd burner which is working fine. i can burn dvds no problem, but about a month ago, it stopped letting me record onto cds.

it keeps saying the blank cds are invalid or the drive is empty when it wasnt. i have tried with the windows media software, and also with nero to no avail. :sad:

i also tried doing a system restore to a previous point when i could burn cds, but although the restore worked, the problem wasnt fixed. i have no idea what happened to my system to stop it recording cds.

i am running windows xp pro. please can someone help? :bow:

There are separate laser diodes for CD and DVD and most likely the CD laser diode went bad.

Try booting your computer with a bootable CD of some kind, e.g. the Windows installation CD or another bootable CD you have already burned or can burn on another drive. You may have to adjust settings in BIOS in order to boot from your optical drive instead of or before boting from hard drive.

If your computer cannot boot the CD from BIOS, then it has nothing to do with Windows and everything to do with your optical drive, and it’s time to replace it.

i did wonder if the drive had just packed in, but i couldnt work out why dvds burn. thank you for clarifying. its weird cos i burn far more dvds than cds.

im not confident messing about in bios, so i think (for the sake of £12 or so) i will just buy a new drive, i have had it a while.

thank you :slight_smile:

What is the drive model?

cant remember, but ive replaced it with an LG drive now, which works perfectly. thanks for replying though