Can't burn CDs without a clicking noise

Everytime I try to burn a CD the first few songs come out perfect, then they get a little clicky. The clicking tends to get worst until the songs wont even play any more.

Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Ive tried different software, reinstalling drivers, different discs, and changing the burn speed all to no avail.

Help please!

Im getting desperate with this heh! I have wasted at least 15 CD-Rs.

Perhaps telling a bit more about your system helps.
What is your CPU, memory, Windows version, recorder (brand and version)?

2.4 gig pentium 4, 768 RAM, Windows XP, and the recorder came with my computer, doesnt really have a brand I dont think, Under hardware its known as HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8400B. Computer is a Gateway.

What happens when you rip audio files to your hard disk as WAV files and try to play them, do you hear clicks too?
If so, it is the ripping that is the problem, if it is not, it might be the burning.

(sorry, don’t know much to help when you already tried different media, writing speeds and software)

It definately is the burning because they play fine from the computer.

sounds like bad media, especially if it gets progressively worse as it plays.

But how are you playing the discs?
In your computer? in a CD player?
I mean, are those clicks really burned in the disc? or are they produced when playing in certain players?

Maybe data corruption if the errors are burned in the disc. (Rip to WAV those disc again to be sure)
Try disabling DMA.
What chipset do you have? This is probably the problem.

Otherwise, burning quality is not good due to discs or burner.

The CD plays perfectly fine in my computer, but when put into any other CD player the clicking comes. How do I figure out what chipset I have?

if it plays well in a computer, then you know that data has been copied correctly.

Your player isn’t able to read the disc correctly.
why? Can it play CD-R?
maybe those discs aren’t very good.
You need better burning quality: use good discs, good burner, and try slower burning speeds.

My stereo has played CD-Rs before, im going to plug in my old burner and see if the burner might be bad.