Can't Burn Cd's....Desperate for Help

Hi I’ve been havin problems buring cds for the last 3 or 4 months now, I normally use WMP but its happening with all the software.

When I try to burn a cd it goes find while preparing the tracks, but as soon as it kums to the actually burning about 2 or 3 songs into it, it stops and start finalizing the disc, then it acts as if all the tracks are completed, ejects the cd and this message pops up that says, try buring at a slower sleep or check brand of disc

well I’ve done everything I cant possibly think of
I’ve used different speeds, used diff programs, different brands of disc
i’ve been in the registery and turned the auto play ting off that i read up on on another site, I tried everything… and this happens weather i’m burning an audio disc or data disc…

other than this burning problem my disc drive works perfectly fine, plays cd’s dvd and games with no problem at all


Wipe WMP, use cdburnerxp or BURRRN.