Cant burn cds but everything else works (Lite-On LH-18A1P)

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On LH-18A1P. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’ve had this drive ( lh18a1p ) for a lil over a yr now with no problems. Not long ago I started getting errors trying to burn cd’s. I can burn/watch dvd’s, listen to cd’s all day long. In nero (7… ultra) I get a power calibration error. In wmp11 I get C00D11AB. I’m using magnavox cd-r 52x. Never before have I had a prob with them. I’ve slowed all the speeds with no success. I went as far as doin a complete fresh install of xp home sp3 with office. I read somewhere that someone had this issue but it was an app running in task manager ( but they didnt list wat it was… go figure ) I’ve come across many forums about this, but nobody listed the solution. I run AMD 64 ATHLON, 2G RAM, 533MHZ, ETC…

                PLEASE HELP!!!

Just get better media or burn slower…

I cant burn any slower lol.
So it’s possible that just outta the blue my burner decided it doesnt like the media?

What burn speeds are offered in nero?

i dont really know being as how i havent re-installed nero yet. But in wmp11 i still get the error at 1x in rom properties and slow in wmp11

Honest advice, forget wmp etc.

Use cdburnerxp or imgburn (boith free) and try burning.

well, now im thinking its the media cause i can copy/convert ps1 games to iso’s yet. really sux i have another 100 stack of em :frowning:

imgburn wont work either will try new media when can afford more thanx :slight_smile:

Is the firmware the latest update? How about an ImgBurn log?

im updated, but dont have imgburn log due to having to do a restore after trying to get rid of lower filter in regedit :Z