Can't burn CDs... but can burn DVDs..?

I’m not sure what information I need to post, but my CD/DVD drive (NEC DVD RW ND-3540A) isn’t letting me burn CDs (which are brand TDK), but will let me burn DVDs. I have Nero Burning ROM version Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Right Click the NEW ----> Properties---->Recording----->Enable Recording for this Drive

See if that works.

Also, try checking ATAPI

Sometimes that means the CD laser’s no good. Or it could just be a bad batch of discs.

I enabled recording for the drive, but it still doesn’t work. Forgive my ignorance, but how do you check the APATI?

Have you tried other cd media brands?

I have a similar problem myself. my nd-3540A will read DVD and software discs but if I throw in an audio or cd-r it does nothing at all, doesn’t even pick up a blank disc signal. I have tried more than one brand of cd-rs but no success.

oh, scratch that above. It will only read DVD based discs, it does not read any of my software, audio CDs, or CD-Rs. The software disc it read before was DVD based hence it working. No such luck with any other software discs. Called support, appears to be a hardware issue except I can’t get the damn thing out of the box to see the SN.