Cant burn CDR when crossflash 112D?

There are many like me who had reported problems burning CDR’s with a 112D. I only noticed my problem after I had crossflashed to 112L 8.09. I went back to 112D with the patched ver by TDB but still would not burn CDR. Tried several firmwares from TDB and Koba with no sucess for CDR, although DVDR burned great.
Thinking it was a hardware issue I bought a new 112D ver 1.15 and it burns CDR perfectly. But after reading many posts on this issue I am not sure it was hardware related.
Can anyone else confirm it is an issue with crossflashing??? If so a warning should be noted somewhere.
I really liked the Buffalo 8.09 for the bitsetting for +R SL disc but am afraid to mess up my new drive. I do have 100 TY 8X +R that I will need to use at some point but I am waiting to see what happens with new firmwares 1st.
Too bad Pioneer will not give us the option to bitset +r SL disc like other brands do.

This has nothing anymore to do with the firmware.
Test it in another computer. If it fails, try to RMA it.


Dont be so sure. I already bought a new drive and it works fine. Read around this forum and the firmware page forum, you will see many posts about people with 112D’s who have problems with CDR’s after crossflashing.
I am asking anyone who has flashed a 112D to 112L 8.09 to report if they can burn a CDR.

No problems with mine. I flashed my 112D to A12 and 112L many times…

I guess it is a Pio hardware issue.
Any idea when we will see a 8.15 firmware from Buffalo?
Also, Koba, one last question, is it possible to get back to 112D stock firmware after flashing to 112L 8.09??? Thanks for your help.

@ nickyboy4,

For what’s its worth I have two Pioneer DVR-112D flashed to Buffalo DVD-112L and have not had any problems. Also my neighbors have a total 4 Pioneer DVR-112D flashed to Buffalo DVD-112L and they don’t have any problems.


DITTO here also

There is no news about 8.15 from Buffalo at the moment.
About flashing back to stock firmware for 112D: It is possible. You first have to get the TDB flasher with Kernel for 112D based on Pioneer firmware and after crossflasing back to 112D you have to get the stock Pioneer firmware, hack the flasher and flash your drive with the stock firmware.

Thanks for the info Koba, does anyone have a hacked stock firmware? How do you do this?

What should that be? What do youmean by that?
Stock firmware is from the mfg, its RPC2.

Per Koba, "after crossflasing back to 112D you have to get the stock Pioneer firmware, hack the flasher and flash your drive with the stock firmware."
How do I do this, has anyone done this already and can PM it to me???

He wrote “hacked flasher”, not hacked (stock) firmware…

Try one of the flashers from TDB packages.

same problem here… my 112D@112L stopped writing cd-r and rw 4 days ago. all went the same as nickyboy4 described, including crossflashing. still reads cds, but doesn’t seem to like them as it used to - some aren’t read anymore.

Nero 6 & 7 both give: Calibration Error (when trying to write) and Invalid Block Address (when simulating)

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@ studeer,

Calibration Errors (when trying to write/burn) are usually cause by the use of poor quality blank Media.

Suggest obtaining known proven quality blank Media that produce error free results such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.


@ bjkg,
I do use TYs & Verb’s, but also tryed all sorts of media/pcs/cables/OSs/FWs combination since it has stopped writing CDs - but with no avail.
Since FW 1.21 it goes more like "Internal target failure / Invalid write state"
What puzzles me is the rather large number of people complaining about their 112D (@112L) - and i’m stuck at the “it’s hardware fault or firmware fault?” question.


p.s. I’m also wondering what Jimbo wrote earlier :wink:

Calibration errors are always media errors in the first place.

Test the drive in another computer.

Dont waste your time, this is a known issue for the 112D, you need a new drive.

Exactly such posts will bring no one further… :rolleyes:

While reading this thread I have just realized that the only 15 CD-Rs burnt in my DVR-112 were all audio cd .nrg images… all media used was TY… until a week ago when I tried to write a standard Ubuntu .iso - with no success ever since.

I now have a second DVR-112D, brand new, stock FW #1.09. I’ll try burning all the 15 .nrgs, then I’ll find out if there’s life after 112D :confused: