Can't burn CDR/RW

Hi all

I’ve just bought a NEC ND2500a(OEM) firmware 1.06, and have got a really wierd problem.
I can’t burn CDR’s or CDRW’s.

I can burn dvd’s or dvdrw’s !!

OK. The story so far.

Im running Win98se. 700mhz. 40gb 7200 Hdd. 384mb ram.
Using nero

When I try to burn anything to a CDR/RW - the 2500 spits it out and tells me to insert a CDR or CDRW??. I’ve tried various brands of CDR/RW media, and it makes no difference. (I AM using nero in CD mode!)

(BTW, the drive will read cdr/rw’s just fine.)

Here’s the rub. I took the 2500 out and put it in another computer(very similar spec to mine), and it works just fine.(with the same media that won’t work on mine!) The othe computer uses the identical version of nero as I have. So I KNOW it’s something to do with my system, but WHAT???

I’ve tried various master/slave, cable swap combinations. Makes no difference.

Ive got NO other software (directcd/INcd etc.) installed which could be interfereing with it.

I have my old Teac cdrw which still burns just fine.

What the heck is going on???Does anyone have any ideas??

Thanks very much.


Try completely uninstalling Nero and then use Nero Clean Tools to remove all traces from your registry.
Reboot, reinstall, and then try burning a CD again.


Thanks for your speedy reply!

It seemed like a really good idea, however, I’ve tried it and it’s doing exactly the same. :sad:

It obviously doesn’t like something about my system.
I think I’m going to get rid of it and try the pioneer.


Hi all

Don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I’ve solved my problem.

After many (many) hours of searching and trying different things, I finally cracked it.

Downloaded some updated AMD chipset drivers. simple as that…but what a weird problem, though!

I am one happy bunny! :slight_smile:

Cheers all