Can't burn CD text in several apps

I’m trying to burn CD text information on my album before I get it duplicated. I’ve tried Nero, Burnatonce, and Wavelab, all of which support burning cd text. I’ve tried two different burners on two different PCs and multiple kinds of media. The burners are a Sony and a Lite-on, both of which are able to burn CD text according to Wavelab’s analysis, and I just tried a 3rd made by LG.

Really the only software I can use ultimately is burnatonce or Wavelab because I’m also putting a hidden track before track 1 (not for copy protection reasons so don’t even go there), and those two programs make that possible, while Nero is unable. I’ve tried burning without any hidden track, just to rule that out, and cd text still doesn’t come out. I’m checking the cd text with winamp, which read cd text from a radiohead album (and all my mp3s) no problem.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Winamp doesn’t read cd-text. It will display the song title of mp3s from the file name and if you are connected to the net when you play a cd it will download and store the track titles of the cd from a cddb and display them whenever you play the cd whether or not you’re then connected.

Confirm, Winamp doesn’t read CD text. If you want to check if cd text is recorded, try CD Text Player - it is not perfect, but I believe it’s free and it does work, once you get the idea.

Good luck.