Can't burn cd-rom iso on duplicator?

I need to duplicate a cd-rom for a company. When I try to put it in my duplicator (acard 1-7 model 2033s, pioneer dvr-111d burners) , it says that it copied ok but when I put it in my pc it wont read it saying its in a format windows can’t read or whatever. Also it won’t show the files and says the format is “raw”? But if I put the disc in my pc and copy using express burn, it burns the iso image good and I get a good copy.

So I assumed it was my duplicator and went and installed a 80 gig hard drive in the duplicator so that I could use the “image” copy option. I put the disc in the reader and “loaded” image onto hdd. Then burned image and I’m getting same results. After done it recognized data on the disc but wont play in a computer???

I tried different discs also which did not help.