Can't burn CD more than 18X and DVD++R more than 2X with 716A



Hi all,

With my plextor 716A, although I’m able to choose 32X,48X for CDs I can’t burn more than 18X. I’ve made a test with plextools.
For the DVD+R for example (Verbatim 8X) I unable to burn it at more than 2x altough I have entered 8X for example.
The front light of my DVD burner is orange and green.
I’m using a P4 2.5 Ghz with 256 Mo RAM with Windows XP Pro. (HP ML310)
With my LITEON 52327S I was able to burn CD at 52X, so have you got any idea ?

Thank you for your help



Looks like DMA is not enabled!

If you don’t know how to check follow the link:

The tranfermode for the PX-716A should be UDMA4


Ok thanks my hardrive was in PIO mode. So I changed it to DMA 4 mode !!!

Thanks a lot

Fred99 :slight_smile:


18X?!?! My PX-716 won’t burn at 18x either. :wink: