Can't burn CD from CDImage.ape.cue

I have never worked with this type of file before, and I am having great difficulty. I have a folder containing: CDImage.ape, CDImage.ape.cue, and CDImage.cue. It seems to have been created by EAC. I am trying to burn an audio CD using the cue sheets, but nothing is working. All I get are errors. I have tried burrrn, and here are the errors it gives me:

Cannot determine length of track data specification
No such file or directory

With Feurio, it says:
wrong wave header
The wave header of this file is wrong

With EAC, it says:
Error in cue sheet
File does not exist in Line 7

I’ve also tried it with Nero. Nothing works. I’ve tried loading both cue sheets, but there are only error messages. But the audio seems to play in Winamp. Is it a bad cue sheet? EAC had a problem with line 7 of the cue sheet. If I open CDImage.cue in notepad, line 7 reads:
FILE “CDImage.wav” WAVE

and if I open CDImage.ape.cue in notepad, it reads:

FILE “CDImage.ape” WAVE

In EAC, when the error comes up, it automaticaly opens the CDImage.cue sheet in the editor, with line 7 highlighted, ready to edit. All the tracks are listed there. Any idea what I need to do? EAC won’t even look at CDImage.ape.cue. Thanks in advance.

Never mind; I figured it out. The CDImage.ape file is compressed. I needed to install Monkey’s Audio, then it had an option to uncompress the file into the full CDImage.wav file. From there, I used imageburn to read the CDImage.cue file and burn the CD. Strange thing is, I tried to uncompress the file using EAC, but it just gave me an error message. But Monkey’s Audio handled it fine. Thanks, anyways.