Can't burn CD BIN/CUE files



I tried using Nero 7 to burn a CD that I have on my hard drive. It is in BIN/CUE format. I selected Recorder, Burn Image, and then selected the CUE file. After clicking Open, a blank panel opened up. There was no list of files to burn, or tabs/buttons to press in order to proceed.

What am I doing wrong?


You might try another type of image and see if it works the same way. If I go through Recorder-Burn Image, a window opens where I select an image file and click open. The next window that opens is a Burn Compilation window with a burn button on the bottom. I have seen several posts where folks seem to be having problems with bin/cue files and it seems like it started in one of the newer updates, but Nero still says it uses those file types, even though the instruction on how to do it are not accurate.

Maybe this will help.


Don’t open nero, just double click on the cue file, appropriate nero program will open and just say burn.