Cant burn 'cause file missing(?)

i’ve downloaded two concerts with their respective files in dvd format (VOB, etc) from and each time i use nero to attempt to burn the concerts, i get an error message that a particular file is missing and that the dvd may not play once burned. however, checking back at the site where the files are listed, shows that that supposed missing file is there before the download begins. (dont remember which file, though. dont think it matters since it downloads.) anyway, both concerts play beautifully on my computer, but obviously would like to burn and play them on my dvd player. anyone ever have this situation? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

maccaphil welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Given the fact that you have agreed to the forum rules when registering i have to assume that the concerts that you are referring to are not copyrighted. Warez talk i against forum rules.