Can't burn Casino Royale

Hi I am having a problem burning the new Casino Royale I did the usual dvd decriptor and then dvd shrink, the files were saved in my films folder in Vid_ts file as per usual but each copy I made will not autostart.

If I go into the folder and click the files the movie will start but if I put the DVD copy into the PC or my DVD player it just hangs.

Any ideas chaps? :frowning:

Hi & welcome :slight_smile: - you’ll need the latest RipIt4Me (+Decrypter+Shrink) or alternatively DVDFab Decrypter (+Shrink) to backup this movie. Check the Copy DVD Movie section for more info.

HI agreed the latest SONY titles are very heavily protected as said you will need RIPIT4ME a free download and DVDSHRINK plus a burning program click 1CLICLK on RIPIT4ME and it will do the rest for you i hope this is of some help 2 u -------------SILVERSURFER

Sony use ARccOS that Shrink can’t handle. So use any that can as suggested by the above posters. ripit4Me no longer in circulation not unless you have it downloaded and installed before April 1 2007.

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Dont think this last sentence is quite correct.
While not as easy to come by, believe Ripit4me is still available on internet. See for example sources found in this thread:
simply do a Google search.

Hi All and thanks for your suggestions.

Good news is I already have Rip but I tried to use it and it wants the DVD but I have already got the movie on my PC in a file.

I do have the files burnt onto a DVD which will not auto start,can I use this with Rip?

|Thanks again :bow:

Why not just stick in your copy of Casino Royale in and start over. You will get a backup without flaws. I would delete the files on your hard drive (of your first attempt) first.

Run AnyDVD 6.1 as DVDD Rips to an image file. This is one option.

Can’t burn Casino Royale

Don’t you warry about that, it sucks shit anyway.

Surely, you must be referring to one of the earlier versions of CR.
The latest release is one of the best Bond flicks made, IMO.