Can't Burn Audio CDs

I have Samsung SH-S223L/BEBS 22X SATA DVD Writer, When I first bought it I could create lightscribe labels fine but couldn’t burn discs with Nero (version 7 on XP). I tried IMGburn and uninstalled Nero (I think it wouldn’t burn until I removed Nero) and it burns data and video DVDs and data CDs just fine, but can’t burn Audio CDs. When attempting, it always stops at some percentage, not always the same, and just spins and spins. I can’t stop it or open it even if I try to stop burn or shut down the computer with Task Manager. I have to Hard Powerdown, which is terrible I know, but what can I do. I used Nero clean tool and tried various burning programs and media, creating Cue files, creating from Wave instead of mp3, etc. I can read Audio CDs fine in the burner and can burn mp3 discs that play in mp3 capable players, but no Audio CDs. Thanks for help.

If the burn stops before the end, most of times the cause is a low quality disc.

Try to use a good quality disc like Verbatim: this should solve :slight_smile:

If so, why do the same discs work fine for burning data discs…same brand from same spindle and they worked fine on my old burner until it died of old age, Thanks.


the inability to burn discs with Nero plus the problems you have with audio CDs and ImgBurn indicate there might be a problem with your Windows installation. Perhaps some dodgy drivers, perhaps some malware-like DRM enforcement crap or even real malware.
Such can be easily ruled out by using a Live Linux system run off a CD (incase you have two optical drives installed) or an USB stick.



the inability to burn discs with Nero plus the problems you have with audio CDs and ImgBurn indicate there might be a problem with your Windows installation. Perhaps some dodgy drivers, perhaps some malware-like DRM enforcement crap or even real malware.
Such can be easily ruled out by using a Live Linux system run off a CD (incase you have two optical drives installed) or an USB stick.


Thanks. Good idea, but since I am not much into Linux stuff, I think I will try it in another computer.

Burn at lower speeds…

Okay, I hope this gets seen. I tried three different brands including a Yuden. No luck. I thought IMGburn on my secondary boot partition (different harddrive) was working but it was a fluke, maybe because fewer songs on it (and no, I haven’t been going even close to over disc capacity). Now, both those partitions had previously had Nero installed. So I put the drive in another computer that never had anything but IMGburn on it. Discs burned fine except that I had to click “try again” after “direct shows error…” that said no data received in 10 seconds. It was only for one of the songs and the same one every time. This is after creating a Cue file with IMGburn and all default settings. I have fresh install of Windows XP service pack 2 (I won’t go higher than that because it screws up all my old DAW software and it would cost me thousands of dollars to upgrade them to Vista or 7. Is there some kind of direct show or direct x upgrade that will solve this problem, or some other solution? I don’t want to buy another drive if it is just going to do the same thing. My old drive works fine software wise (it can’t burnt coasters during the last 10 minutes of a long CD because there is something wrong in it when it mechanically gets near the end of the drive on DVDs as well.) but it was PATA and I can’t find a PATA drive. Why is the SATA drive having a problem that PATA did not? Remember, on both computers, the new SATA drive burns DVD video and data as well as burning CD data perfectly–it is only audio CDs that I have trouble with. Thanks for trying to help.

If sata drive has issues and IDE drive works corretcly, probably the problem is in mainboard SATA drivers, and not in the burning software or any direct show software installed.

Did you try to update chipset drivers? Are you sure that onboard sata controller is compatible with optical drives? Did you try to connect the burner to a different sata connector (most mainboard have two separate sata chips and usually the corresponding sata connectors are in different colors)?

Indeed, very likely a controller compatibility problem.
We need to know as detailled as possible

  • what Sata controller is used
  • how it is configured and
  • what drivers are installed for the controller


I am appreciating the help, but this is getting way too complicated for just adding a DVD burner. I wish I’d just bought the PATA burner I opted out of (only because I wanted to make a small number of Lightscribe Labelled discs for my Mom for Christmas, which obviously didn’t happen anyway). I can still buy one, but that’s another $40 I can’t afford, and I can’t take this one back because when they test it I just know that it is going to work fine for them (they’ll burn a 10 Mb data disc and send me on my way).

Here’s an idea I had, but I don’t know if it is possible. Since the burner works fine for data disc and the software seems to try to create the track files from my Wave Files (or MP3s), is there a way I can create and Audio disc image that is like some kind of raw data that gets burned onto the disc without the burner knowing that it is making an Audio CD). It doies still need to work in stand alone players though.

Otherwise, as far as controllers go, both computers had trouble. The original computer is SATA 1 with ATI Controller. The controller says it is ATI IDE controller, but beneath it are listed all the individual controllers as IDE (I assumed this is SATA under some kind of IDE emulation or something because the hard discs work fine and the burner and disks all say the are Ultra DMA Mode 5 and 6 respectively.

On the other computer I tried, they are AMD controllers called “AMD SATA controllers (native IDE Mode)”

I can’t find any driver updates for Sata drivers on the manufacturer of the mainboard…only VGA, LAN and AUDIO drivers. If you need more info than that, I’m afraid I need to know how to find it because I’m not sure what precise info you are looking for. Should I try uninstalling the controller drivers and go with XPs default drivers–that sounds like a really bad idea though someone suggested it to me. I trust microsoft about as far as I can throw the moon. With so many damned compatibility issues every time I add new hardware or software, I feel like buying a Mac (can’t afford one) or kijiji-ing for an old Amiga (of course I don’t think they had DVD burners back then). Thanks for any and all help.

If you have a SATA optical burner and are unlucky enough to be coincidentally using Windows XP on a system with certain AMD or ATI chipsets (some SATA controllers are part of the southbridge on chips such as the 690), you may have spent many hours and burnt many coasters while pounding your fists against you head trying to figure out why the progress bar stops part way through an Audio CD burn and just spins and spins, regardless of whether or not you you can successfully burn DVD video, DVD data and CD data. You may have been told that it is because you are using bad media. That can happen but doesn’t generally mean every single disc fails, especially if you’ve tried more than one brand. Stop wasting discs and check the following to links to see whether or not they apply to you. Do NOT install the microsoft hotfix if you are not sure that it fits your symptoms and that you have one of the chipsets that it is for.

Wiki explanation (near middle of page–Southbridge Issues, though it doesn mention the exact problem but I found the hotfix link there):


It took me 30 hours of research to find this, so if this helps you, please take the time to drop a little thankyou to me and all the MYCE experts (smarter people than me) who helped me find the solution.

Nice you got it sorted.

This hotfix is intended only for those who refuse installing SP3! It installs atapi.sys Version 5.1.2600.2993, the atapi.sys driver that comes with SP3 is version 5.1.2600.5512.

Just to repeat for those who read that: The hotfix mentioned above is not applicable to Windows XP installations with SP3.
Installation of SP3 is recommended anyways, since this is the only version of XP that still gets support and updates.


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