Can't Burn Audio CD's (but can burn data discs)


I have had a Compaq Presario 5330US for the last 4-5 years which has an LG-CD-RW CED 8120B writer in it. I have used this CD/RW to create Audio CD’s MP3 CD’s and data disks many times over the years.

A while ago I found I could no longer create Audio CD’s. I can still create data discs and MP3 discs but just not audio discs.

I have used iTunes, Roxio, Nero and every other CD burning software I can think of to no avail. EG. in iTunes it starts to write the Audio CD and then I get the error ‘The attemp to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4450)’ and then the CD is unusable. I have not added any internal hardware to the PC other than a USB port extender and have only added USB devices externally. I have installed multiple software packages over the years. I did call the fabulous Compaq/HP support desk and after going through multiple basic steps including installing the ‘HP CDRECORDNOW’ program which says I do not have a CD/RW drive, they finally advised me to wipe my system clean and reinstall the base package (not a great idea with 5 years of data and programs installed.).

One other thing. I have deleted the CD/RW drive in system utilities and had XP automatically find it and re-install it. However when I check regedit

’ Mycomputer\HK-Current-User\software\microsoft\windows\current version\explorer\cd burning\drives\volume\drive type’

the value is 1 (which typically means a read only drive). Yet I can still burn data discs and MP3 discs. I have changed the value back to 2 (CD/RW value) and still no joy.

Any help would be invaluable

Thanks in advance

suddenly the drive can burn everything else BUT an audio CD ? this sounds like a hrdware issue - has to do with the drive be able to create the correct gaps etc. you ARE using DAO mode when audio CD burning ?
possible to try drive in another PC ?