Cant burn audio cd

hi…im running windows98se …amd 300mhz processor…184 mb ram…hp cd burner can’t comlete burning an audio cd.i get this message when it is half finished…“medium changed could not perform disk at once”. i am trying to burn audio files from my hard drive. the burner works ok on another computer…i hope there is someone out there who can help me…:confused:

What burning program are you using? Have you run an audio extraction test? Most programs will usually have a util that can determine the optimum reading speed for the drive. Alternatively, have you tried copying the songs to hard disk first then burning as an audio CD?

H K Phooey…i have tried using nero and hpmycd,and record now…i get the same result from them do i run an audio extraction test?i am only trying to burn at 1x…and yes the songs i am trying to burn are on my hard disk. thanx for your reply:)