Cant burn audio cd

i tried and tried and still failed. i tried to copy Oasis’ Hindu Times cd singles but it seems to hang my whole pc when nero was verifying the songs. i can kill it with Ctrl+Alt+Del but it still appears in my Task Manager windows and i cant get rid of it from there. hence, my pc will hang when i try to shut down. i’m using winXP with liteon32. burning data works fine so far. the same happened when i tried on a pirated audio cd! did i miss out on some settings?

Try with Clony+CCD combo…it may work :wink:

Try 2 update your Aspi Layer and download Force Aspiv1.7 @


here is more info after more tests i ran just now…

no problem burning data from hdd…
no problem burning mp3 data from cdrom to cdrw
HANG on burning audio cd from cdrom to cdrw

i suspect that my cdrom cant extract the audio files. is there a way i can confirm this?

anyway, how do i turn of DMA of my cdrom? will this solve the problem?


same ide cable?

yup… cdrom and cd writer on same ide…