Can't burn audio

:confused: hi…im using windows 98se…amd processor 300mhz…184 mg ram…hp cd writer 8200 series. i have a problem trying to burn an audio cd,i get a write error every time. i can burn a data cd-no problem.i dont have anything running on the computer-and ive done scan disc and seems to burn a cd with 1 track ok…but if i try to do several tracks i get the error only trying to burn at x1 speed.i have tried to burn with nero,and easy cd creator-but have uninstalled those and am just using’ my cd’-which came with the burner. hope somebody out there can help with this…

Are you trying to burn from .wav to Audio CD?

Or are you just selecting MP3s and having nero convert them on the fly (with such an ancient computer this might be the problem?).

baracus…with ‘my cd’-im trying to burn from.wav to audio cd. when i used nero-i was burning from mp3,and nero did the rest.i used to be able to burn audio cd’s-but all at once i seem to have this problem-dont know why.i’m getting new computer this weekend-but i still want to solve this on my old one…thanx for your reply…:slight_smile:

I really don’t have any idea beyond that, sorry.

I just remembered having problems converting MP3s on the fly with my ol 8200i on my PII-300.