Can't burn at 4x but can at 8x

Hi, two moths ago I got an Aopen 2440, I always burn at 4x because lower speeds are supposed to be better to avoid data corruption and all I do is data backups.
Suddenly, every time I try to write at 4x speed I only get "Power Calibration error"s. The funny thing (freaking annoying actually), is that the unit seems to burn cds fine at 8x speed !
Can someone explain that ?!

I really want a different unit now, because I need a CD-RW that I can trust, but the stupid vendor is reluctant to relplace it, even when I tried a different boot partition, 4 different cd brands, Nero and Prassi Primo, and even took the drive to another PC!
Drives were always defregmented, and there were no software, firmaware, or any sort of change in the system.

I have been pointed to a previous thread about power calibration errors, but it doesn’t explain the 4x bad, 8x good.

Thanks in advance

try upgrading the firmware on the drive. Im not sure, but judging from your model number it would seem that it is a 24x burner. If you have the right media, the quality of the burn is no different at 4x, 8x, or 24x. I have a 48x drive and burn at that all the time with 48x rated fujifilms.

I guess it is also possible your driv is going bad.

Hope that helps.

Thanks kwkard, I think the drive is failling, but it took me more that 2 weeks to convince the so called technical service at the vendor that it should be replaced.
So finally I got a new unit, I hope it will burn more that 35 CDs…


you only got 35cds out of it?:rolleyes:

Well at leas they replaced it for you, thats good.

AOpen :Z Now sell it on ebay and get something better :stuck_out_tongue: