Can't burn anymore using Nero/DVDShrink

not to mention all the sonic stuff later on in the log

Agree on that, but they don’t effect Nero burning engine.

Attaching useful Lower/Upper filter checker (devfilter.exe). Unzip and execute. :smiley: (86.9 KB)

they seem to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, in several cases we have had, roxizap was the last thing that was used to get nero to burn
right again. I am even seeing the SPTI getting hosed as everybody jumps on that bandwagon.

In one case nothing worked until I got the guy to run killaspi.

I try hard to make a coaster with nero, cof @ 16, dual burns with imgburn
@ 8x, no luck!


Yeah, let’s fix the basics before we go nostalgic… :smiley:

We are on the way with 20+ post and the DMA issue is still not cured.

Attached Devices
Description : Master: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8160B
Type : CD-Rom Drive
DMA : On
Autorun : On
Description : Slave: DVDRW IDE 16X
Type : CD-Rom Drive
DMA : Off
Autorun : On
71Peak, check up for update of your mobo SiS IDE drivers or M$ compatible.

so you reccomend he keep the burner slaved to the dvd-rom?

SiS651 is fairly modern chipset, but this still confuses me why DMA doesn’t show up with M$ (default) drivers…
Interested how SiS own IDE drivers would work. SiS drivers can be downloaded here.

Can’t see I recommended him that… heh he. :smiley:

Check my signature. Out of my four DVDRW’s, two are on secondary channels. No problem what so ever to burn with them…
You just have to have a clean setup and propper drivers. :slight_smile:

BTW, some old mobos, like those with VIA 133 chipset even recommend to attach optical drives on secondary channel as slave.
But most of this discission off topic. Sorry all.

Filters for Burner:
Upper Class Filter GEARAspiWDM
Upper Device Filter Redbook
Lower Class Filter PxHelp20
Lower Deviec Filter imapi

Is this the time to tell you that I had a DVD-ROM and CD-Writer setup and I switched the CD-Writer for the DVD Burner…that is probably why it is the slave…

I have 2 dvd burners in master and slave on the same cable but sometimes having
a newer dvd burner slaved to the wrong inferior drive can hose dma. Matter of fact when I tried it with a pioneer dvd burner and dvd-rom the computer wouldn’t even boot.

I can’t give this lot my full attention until Friday as I have things to do. Just so I am clear:

You think I should remove upper filter driver GEARAspiWDM. Fine I have no problem with that - what is it in conflict with?

You also supplied devfilter.exe. I have run that and shown the results I think you were after.

In addition I have downloaded the SiS IDE drivers.

In what order does all of this happen? I just want to know that we are leading to a conclusion with this before I start to chnage stuff.

help is appreciated.

Try this way:
First remove GEARAspiWDM and any application related to it.
Install SiS IDE drivers. (Ignore any warnings from Mocosoft)
Reboot and check if you have DMA enabled or if you can set it manually in device manager.
Keep us posted about your progress. :slight_smile:
I never used a mobo with SiS chipset, maybe other members can fill in here…

off topic

Is your setup exactly the same as described by topic poster?
Looks like it’s on time you check-up your setting/drivers and hardware. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes indeed! may want to try the new drive alone!

Exactly, you never know how firmwares and bios are going to react

and my one modern sis southbridge asrock mobo uses only MS drivers,
older models, XP didn’t support dma even on hard drives. then I loaded sis
universal drivers


Did what you advised. Not all of the items that Womble advised to delete were there btw. Anyway installed the IDE drivers and no change on the Device Mgr front. I cannot unset the secondary IDE channel (Device 1) unset from PIO Only mode. Currently is says ‘Transfer Mode’-DMA if Available
‘Current Transfer Mode’-PIO Only

That was to Pinto2 btw…

try the burner as standalone master, remove(uninstall) the secondary ide controller from device manager and reboot, simple procedure!

You talking about opening up the box? or can this be done using settings - I am quite happy for the DVD-ROM to not be in operation…

Disconnect all cables on back of drive. :slight_smile:

I’ll do that later when junior has gone to bed…too much distraction for that right now…Thanks.

Bad as cats trying to crawl into my box when it is open! LOL