Can't Burn Any DVD's Using CloneDVD2



A couple anydvd revisions ago, my Plextor 716A stopped burning DVD’s. CloneDVD2 keeps requesting a useable DVD even though theres a brand new one in. I don’t get it. It worked beautifully the first 25 or so times.


Hi :slight_smile:
Try going to AnyDVD main page see if Hardware Region Code box has somehow become unticked, if it has tick box.
Check Default Region as well.


No. That didn’t help.


Hi :slight_smile:
Well that was the easy option.
However before going any further into AnyDVD/CloneDVD2.
Do you have any alternative DVD copy program.If you have try it.
If not download trial version here
& try this.
The way forward with AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 is to uninstall both programs completely inc registry, before reinstalling.
Using another recording program iliminates whether it’s a drive problem.


I do have Intervideo installed. It was on before. Should I install only CloneDVD2??


You can just install CloneDVD2, if CloneDVD2 dont work 2, thn try using shrink.


You mean reinstall CloneDVD2??


Yea, u got the latest version rite?


Yes!! I have the newest version.


ok, so the problem now is that u cant burn with CloneDVD2, rite? If it is still able to create an iso image to ur hd it sould be fine. If it is able to produce an iso image, then burn it with dvd drcrypter, its just the same.


But I purchased CloneDVD2 to burn videos.


Deactivate the PlexTools. They may disturb CloneDVD.


Excellent point, and last I looked this was the CloneDVD Forum.
You bought a good program and it should work for you.

Please try to uninstall Intervideo. Then completely uninstall Clonedvd, then reinstall CloneDVD. You can save your registration information when asked on the uninstall.