Can't burn a DVD in WindowsXP

Thanks for reading this,
Ok I have 2 ND 2500As installed on my computer set up in a master/slave format on the same IDE cable. The cable is brand new along with the drives and the rest of the computer. The problem is neither drive will recognize blank DVD media. I’ve tried Sony + / - discs, Imation + / - disks, and e-gear (Target generic brand) disks and they won’t read any of them. They read and write CDs just fine and will read DVD movies.

My system specs are AMD 64 3500+ cpu, Asus a8v via kt800 MB
512 Ram, Win XP Pro using a NTFS file system. Please post any suggestions or links to where I might be able to fix this problem.

                                Thank you.

What burning software and version are you using?

None, just the Win XP drag and drop.

WinXP drag and drop does NOT support DVD burning.
You need a burning app such as Nero.

Also, please post the MID code for your E-gear discs. I am interested to see what they actually are. :rolleyes:

… Wow thats it? I feel like a dumbass.

Ok so are there any good burner programs I can download?

DVDDecrypter is a good free burning app, but it’s only good for burning .ISO files.
Now how about that E-gear midcode? :slight_smile:

Depends on what you are going to be burning, data, video, or both, but you might want to get started by reading some of the articles on this site:
I use Nero, dvd shrink, and dvd decrypter most often. some people prefer RecordNow Max over Nero. to check the media codes of the media you have (and also for bitsetting, speed tests, etc) you can use dvdinfo pro.

E-gear midcode? I took them back for the Sony discs today, but If I can get my drives to burn to the discs I have now I’ll go back an pick up a pack of the E-Gear again … 25 e-gear for $15 or 5 Sony’s for $10 thier a good deal. <3 Target

Could be CMC MAG. AF1 :

Target e-gear 4X DVD-R MID code = CMC MAG. AF1. Were you expecting TY from Target?

Ok so what does CMC MAG. AF1. mean? Is it good?

Thanks for all the help people. =D

It’s kind of mid-level as far as quality goes, and the quality varies a bit from what I’ve seen. I’ve had mixed results with CMC, but if I burn it at the rated speed, it’s usually good. The guy who left a comment over at VCDHelp said he got good results burning at 8x with Herrie’s firmware though.

Cool, thank you all for the help.

Thanks RawHP, I checked videohelp awhile ago for e-gear postings, but there were none at the time.
I even posted a thread in the media forum.
Now all we need to do is find out what the E-gear DVD+R discs are…
I’m guessing CMCMAGF01 :stuck_out_tongue:

@BlackWolf, of course I wasn’t expecting TY. I was just curious. :slight_smile: