Can't burn a cd with Plextor PX-712SA



I’ve tried to make a cd with Itunes, Roxio that came with the drive and Windows XP burning software, all fail. I also tried to make an image with Alcohol 120 and got nothing but errors. I ran some of the burning tests with the Plextor Tools and they fail. I called Plextor and got a new drive because the drive also made a terrible sound on boot without a cd in the drive. I got the new drive and I am stilling having the same problem on a XP install that is about two weeks old. I’ve tried a kg sata cable and kg sata slot, same failure. Disk’s are read fine but I just can’t burn.

System Specs:

MSI K8N Neo/SLI motherboard
AMD Athlon FX-55 2.6 ghz proc
Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX
1 gb of OCZ 3200 memory
160 gb Samsung SATA II hdd

Thanks so much in advance for any help!!!


This thread has some great info on S-ATA drives and compatibility

According to that thread you need to use your PX-712SA burning on the Silicon Images controller rather than the nVidia controller. Also, I see you’re using the Alcohol software. Do you have “Hide CD-R Media” checked? This can cause problems like your drive failing to recognize CDR/RW media, or rather not failing but preventing the drive from reading the discs. Please report back and also let us know the exact error messages you’re getting.


I know this sounds like quite the noobish question, but what is a Silicon Image Controller? This is the first time I’ve ever dealt with sata drives at all. I will look in Alcohol for that option and will write down the errors when I have a litte more time. But for now I might get something figured out with know what the image controller is.

Thanks for much again.


Sorry, the link I posted wasn’t working. I’ve fixed it now.

I am not familiar with your motherboard but in the thread I mentioned I can read that this motherboard has two different S-ATA controllers; the nVidia ones and the Silicon Images ones. Your Plextor should be attached to the latter. Maybe someone else who owns the MSI K8N motherboard can shed some more light on this for you.


Thank you so much for the help. I was looking a a detailed pic of my board and saw two extra sata controllers on the bottom of the board that were being hidden by my sound card. I hooked the burner up and just got done making my first cd!!!

Once again thanks for all the help G@MEFRE@K!!!