Can't burn a 300MB mp3 file onto a DVD but

can burn a 4GB avi file ! What’s up with that ??? I’m using Nero 6.0 and when I click “Add” for the mp3, nothing happens ? Any help out there with this ? Thanks ! :bow:

Exactly what type of type are you trying to create? By that I mean a Data DVD etc.

yes … just trying to burn a simple data DVD. i’d tried burning a smaller mp3 file (15mb) and there was no problem !

You could try another app like CDBurnerXP Pro. This is free & might work where Nero fails. Find it here

Check the filename? Try renaming it because it may contain characters nero doesn’t like [and nor does the CD standard]. Try moving it up to the root directory [say c:] because if it’s too deep [lower than 8 levels or pathlength >255 characters] there’ll be access issuees. Otherwise, CHKDISK C: /F your drive to make sure your filesystem is fine and try again?

Tim, i’m pretty sure another program will work - i was just curious as to why Nero doesn’t?

Liu, i’ll try your suggestions and post back.