Can't Burn 8x with NEC 2510

I just bought a new NEC 2510 drive from and I cannot get it to burn at 8x – the option doesn’t even exist.

I have been trying to use Ritek G05 DVD-R media that I have confirmed using DVD Identifier.

The firmware is 2.15.

I have tried using both the included Roxio Easy Media Creator Basic DVD Home 7.0 as well as Nero

What do I need to do to get 8x burning to work?


does the firmware support this disk for that speed

I don’t know. Apparently it can burn 8x on something. After all it’s advertised as 8x and a few review sites have said they burned at 8x.

I picked Ritek G05 media because people said it was high quality.

How would I go about finding out whether my firmware supports my DVD-Rs?


I updated to firmware version 2.16 ( and now it recognizes the disks as 8x disks.