Can't burn 188mb mini cd-rw's

Howdy: I’m having a heck of a time trying to burn these Ritek mini cd-rw disks. Here are the specs from Nero CD/DVD Speed:

Basic Information
Disc type: : CD-RW
Manufacturer: : Plasmon
MID : 97m27s10f
Write speeds: : 4 X - 8 X - 10 X - 12 X
Capacity: : 21:30.00
: 188 MB
Extended Information
Usage : General
Disc Status : Empty

I have tried burning these in both my LTC-48161H {KH0R} and SHOW-1693S {KS0B} using Nero v6.6.0.18 and different burning speeds using Windows 2000. All times it goes through the whole burn just normal and says that I have made a successful burn at the end. But here is nothing on the disk! I see nothing in Explorer or Nero CD/DVD Speed or Nero Info Tool.

This is the info from ASPICHK:
LOG0144: Starting ASPICHK installer on Sat Feb 24 10:54:15 2007
ASPICHK0438: OS = Windows NT (5.00.2195)
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll dated 09/10/1999 18:06:00, 45056 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll dated 09/10/1999 18:06:00, 5600 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys dated 09/10/1999 18:06:00, 25244 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe dated 09/10/1999 18:06:00, 4672 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe version
ASPICHK0582: ASPI is properly installed and is fully operational. A total of 2 host adapters have been detected.
LOG0218: Closing installer log on Sat Feb 24 10:54:16 2007

Any one have a clue as to what I can do to fix this problem? I have taken one of the disk over to a neighbors Sony VIAO machine and they work in that burner using the same version of Nero.