Can't burn 16x DVD media with maximum speed

I am sure this problem is covered somewhere on this forum, but I can’t find it anywhere. I have LG GWA-4161B burner that I am very happy with it. So far I’ve used it for a year or so with no complaints. Anyway, I was using RiData DVD-Rs with maximum speed of 8x and it works fine. Today I got some Fujifilm 16x DVD-R (Taiwan) and the maximum speed Nero finds is 4x. The DVD burner claims to support 16x, but it should at the very least support 8x. I also tried some Memorex 16x and again it detects only 4x as the top speed.

Any ideas what’s causing this?

You can try updating your firmware,but be carefull- I would do that in safemode with no disk in the drive.

I just wanted to add- Your media choice is not too great.Try to get media made in japan Taiyo Yuden is rated very good as sony and verbatim. After you update your firmware. You can see whats best for you. You can also do a search of this forum for more info. Good luck.

Hi digitalblade_ca

Looking at the specs for your burner it seems that max speed for plus(+) media is 16X but It can only reach 8X with dash(-) media.

Check out what has to say about your drive here.

It may be that for some reason LG has seen fit to limit burn speed for certain media codes, or the media code is not in the firmware. Either of these could explain the lower than rated burn speed (remembering - media will only ever go to 8X)

Open CD-DVD Speed (should be in the Nero Toolkit subfolder on the Start menu) and look at the Disc Info tab. That should list the supported write speeds for the currently inserted media.

As mentioned, search for a firmware update, but according to this you may not find one…

Ri* and Memorex - both crap media IMO.

Use better ones, especially 16x rated ones!

Thanks guys for the replies. I guess I will swap my burner with some better one. But I like LG this one never gave me a corrupted disc, been noisy, or whatever. I am thinking about the LG GSA-H10A. Any thoughts on that one? I’ve installed it on two friends’ computers and it seems very fast and reliable. Also comes with firmware auto update software.

@digitalblade_ca. Have a look at this threadthere are some scans and discussion about the LG GSA-H10A.:slight_smile: