Can't build bootimage with Arconis TI 3.50

This is bad I can’t build a bootable CD with Acronis tool wizard on 411S with FSOB
The program simply doesn’t see the drive at all
it only sees the floppy drive

The reply I received is far from satisfactory from one of the people at Liteon site was change IDE channels. This is hardly a good answer since all previous CDRW worked perfectly including Liteon 48-24-48 saw the bootable wizrd and 411S can’t be seen


I don’t have an answer for your question, but I was curious if you are able to boot to any CD at all or is the problem only with TI.

BTW, the current version of TI is 6.0. You aren’t really running 3.5?

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BTW, the current version of TI is 6.0
The current version of Acronis True Image is 6.0.350