Cant browse files (using WINDOWS EXPLORER) in my DVD-ROM

After having this PC a year, plus some uninstall I cant browse the files in my DVD-ROM using Windows Explorer.
I can install Games and play Music fine with my DVD-ROM, but just cannot browse the files. :a :a
When i press the DVD-ROM button the focus just jumps back to My Computer. Some guy told me to install ASPI drivers, but it didnt fix it. Can somebody help me with my problem pls?


DVD-ROM: NEC DVD-Rom Dell Edition or something, flashed with Dangerous brothers firmware (dont remember the name).

RAM: 1024 MB

Prossesor: Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2 Ghz.

I hope that helps!



What is the media code of the media. Run CDSPEED and post the graph here.

Is it having problems with CDs or DVDs or both?

@Harley2Ride NEC 2500a says it after i flashed it with the firmware.
I got the graph here: The Graph in DAT

@Timc It happens to both :frowning: :frowning:

Are you saying that your problems started after flashing new firmware?

In this case you’ve probably used the wrong firmware.
Double-check before DL’ing and flashing.

Well… When i use ExplorerXP (A file management program) i can browse the files using this program, but i’m gonna try your solution.