Cant boot from LSC-24082K

I recently purchased a Lite-On (Slim) LSC-24082K Combo CD-RW/DVD ROM drive and installed it into my 5 year old Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop(actually built by COMPAL) replacing a read only OEM Toshiba SD-C2102 CD/DVD. The laptop Bios has the latest Dell BIOS.

The new drive works great with Nero, but I am now unable to boot from the cd drive. BIOS is set to use the CD before the floppy or hard drive and the Cd’s led flashes at power on. A Knoppix CD-R I burned, boots on other machines ,but will not boot on my laptop and a previously bootable windows install disk no longer boots.


  1. Any thoughts on the cause or suggestions on how to fix this problem

  2. I found later firmware on this site version JK0H , my drive has JK05. Should I flash the firmware??? Any way to determine what was changed in the firmware releases, can’t find any info on Lite-on site.

Thanks in advance for any help.


I too recently bought this Liteon model to replace a defective drive in my Sony VIAO grx560. I cannot boot from the drive even though it works in WinXP and bots with other drives. I ran Nero Info and discovered the drive is showing up as slave on the secondary IDE chain. I found no jumpers on the drive to change this setting and without being able to change that the drive will not boot because the Sony B IOS, and I assume your Dell, will onyl boot a master device on either IDE channel.

Anyone out there no how to change this setting on a laptop/slimline Liteon drive?


I also flashed the drive from the 05 to the 0H and this did not make a difference.

I received the following from LiteOn tech support on 12/27/03 and asked the same question—how to set master/slave? No answer received so far.

“can you check if you need to drive to set to master/slave in order to boot from CD? This drive has a default setting to cable select (master)” Lite-on tech support

I can’t set master/slave in my BIOS. I can easily pull Hard drive, perhaps there is something I can set on it. As much as I don’t want to start playing with the 2.5mm screws, this thing is going back to the vendor unless it’s fixed in the next few days.

Anyone install a CD-RW or DVD/RW drive that boots on a Dell 7000/or any Compal Ts30I clone and/or a Sony VIAO grx560, please post the make and model here.

If you can run Nero Info Tool to see what your config is. Usually the CD-RW is not on the same controller channel as the hard drive. Whihc means that changes to the HDD will not help our problem.

The cable select setting should work, but I’m guessing that both our controllers don’t recognize it for some reason.

Without a way to change it on the drive, I fear we are both out of luck. My BIOS does not have a way to change it either.

From Nero Info Tool Configuration Tab

Primary IDE
Generic IDe Disk Type 40

Secondary IDE
Slimtype COMBO LSC-24082K
Autorun on

How does this compare to your setup?

Pulled my IBM hard drive and found two unset jumpers that are likely the Master/Slave switches, but they were <sarcasm> graciously </sarcasm> unmarked, I can’t find any jumper things laying around, and the jumpers I’m familiar with may not fit below the interface connector. My gut feel says without doing something on the CD it won’t’ matter what I do with the hard drive.

The only difference in my configuration is that it specifies slave for the Liteon drive, and the primary controller has a different hard drive listed.

Since the HDD is on a different channel (primary versus secondary), its settings will have no effect on the CD-RW.

Based upon what you say, along with the info from Liteon tech support, I should be able to boot – The CD is on it’s own IDE and primary. Perhaps something in the Bios does not recognize the CD-RW drive, the DELL 7000/Compal TS30I never OEM’d a CD-RW afaik. BTW where in your Nero CD info does “slave” show?

For me booting from CD is mainly used for installing a new OS, trying out Knoppix, or for emegegency repairs. I can get around the first and second issues, but not being able to use the drive for an emergency boot is sufficient reason to return it, however if I can find a very inexpensive I/O module for my machine, I could put my original CD dirive into it for emergencies.

On the configuration tab of Nero info is the data I’m refering to.

Secondary IDE Channel
Slave: Slimtype COMBO LSC-24082K
DMA: Off
Autorun: On

Today I received answer from someone on the Dell Inspiron 7000 group on Yahoo. I contacted Lite-on, ran the utility and am able to boot. The message I received follows.

“I realize that this message is probably too late, but I was looking
into finding a new hinge for my i7k and saw your message. I
recently installed the 24082K and had the same problem as you. The
reason why the 24081 works right out of the box is because it
defaults to master. The 24082 defaults to slave (apparently the
preferred setting for mac laptops). The i7k recognizes the drive as
a either master or slave but will only boot off of master drives.
Unlike the 24081 which has a jumper, you need to email lite-on
( to get an application that will allow you
to change the drive to cable-select which is what it should have
defaulted to in my opinion (master will work as well). When you run
the app in windows, select cable-select and when you reboot, go into
the bios setup and select exit & save settings even though you
didn’t change anything. You will now be able to boot off the
24082. Don’t forget to update the firmware for the cd-rw. They do
not list the 24082K, but the firmware for the external version
(24082KX) works perfectly.
The 24082 is a significantly better drive than the 24081, but
unfortunately the 24082 was geared for mac laptops since the 24081
was much more popular with mac laptops users. I find the 24082’s
lack of popularity very puzzling since it is the fastest slim combo
drive available. I have yet to see anything faster than 24x24x24x8x.”

Thanks for the data. I am a bit surprised to hear they have this utility as I called the US support number about 3 weeks ago and they had no idea what I was talking about. But maybe that was before they figured out the problem and wrote the utility to fix it. Anyway I have sent an email as you recomended and hopefuly they will reply wit the util. I am already running JKON firmware. So all I need is the utility.

Would you be willing to send me a copy?

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I spent quite some time on the same issue. Could you please post or Email me this very usefull tool to change the LSC-24082K to a master device. Thanks a lot, Gilles

Ruymbeke, you have private message - please read

Nobody has moved on this thread in almost a year but I’ll put in my two cents. If you can get a PC, an ATAPI to IDE adapter, and a simply utility from the codeguys ( then it is a simple, permanent IDE designation changer. It is a mouseclick to change from CS to Slave or to Master. Then, the mac will respond. All will be well.