Can't Blank a DVD-RW

I’m having trouble writing to a Sony 1X DVD-RW.

I’m using Nero Buring ROM and a Lite-on SOHW 8125 DVD R/RW drive.

I’m trying to burn a video to the DVD-RW disc. Nero tells me that the disc is not empty and asks if I want to blank it. I accept an get an error message telling me that it failed, then the burn seems to proceed, even if I try to cancel it. (The error message is: “D:\is not accessible Access is denied”) At the end of the burn, the disc is unusable but I can see from the disc that it has been burned. I can try to load the disc into my set top DVD recorder and I get the error message “can’t use”. (I get the same results trying to burn a data disc)

I have 4 of these discs and they all do the same thing.

Except for the erasing part, I can successfully burn DVD-Rs using the same process and I can burn CD-RW using the same process.

Is there something that I’m missing or do I likely have a bunch of incompatible discs?

By the way, when I look at Disc info for the failed disc, I see:
DVD Session
-Session 1
- Track 01 4.6Gig Data (mode 1)

I would try downloading the IMGBURN program. It has a pretty decent erase feature, and it is a free program.

Good luck.

In case anyone sees this thread while looking for a solution to their problem, I have found my problem.

The problem is an incompatible disc.

I downloaded the manual for my DVD writer and read that the media that it requires is DVD-RW Version 1.2. The Sony media that I was trying to use is version 1.1. Therefore, I’m assuming that this is the problem. (I read in other locations that incompatible media can permanently damage both the media and the DVD writer! My media seems to be permanently damaged but the writer seems OK.)

However, 2 strange issues:

  1. The version 1.1 media will work just fine when it is UDF formatted by InCD.
  2. I bought a package of 5 discs. Nowhere on the outside of the box or the DVD cases does it mention “version 1.1”. This is only written on the disc itself!!!

Oh well! Three discs in the garbage. Not the first, probably not the last. :sad: