Cant beat this audio cd!

i bought a local band audio cd and found out that its protected! i cant play in my computer nor in my dvd player. it plays in my neighbour’s audio player though. i’ve tried with other computers too with various players

i’ve tried ripping various softwares like audiograbber, unCopyCD, Tunebite, WMP etc etc. i cant copy and cant rip. i’m just so helpless. i tired with nero and it extracted but without any sound! what should I do?

it tried IsoBuster but it always hungs up! please help.

Moved to audio forum for better help.

anyone please? i’m so frustrated witht his. have tried almost every software out there

Are the problems being caused by protection or is the cd faulty. I would go back to the vendor and ask for a replacement that works.
If it is due to protection we need far more information than you are providing.
What is your:-
make of cd burner
nature of protection
file format on the cd (mp3 etc)

Does Iso buster work with other cd’s?
It could be that the file format is not supported on your dvd player!

Large Corporations have not been able to stop freaks ripping or copying their products using various protections costing Millions so I would be very surprised if this local band has invented a new one that cannot be overcome. If they have they do not need to work as the Corporations will beat a path to their door.

i’m sure they must be using come protection available in the market.

its an audio file .cda (i think thats the correct extension) and the cd works fine as i can see the tracks in the computer. but i cant play.

i’ve tried on various systems (windowsXP), samsung and LG cd writers. no, iso buster doesn’t hung on other audio cds.

is there any more u wanna know. thanx for the reply.

Try ripping with EAC…

that didn’t work either? anyone with a good software?

please help me. my friends are also suffering because of this and we are really pissed off. please help.

If that was the case then you would have no problem. Have you returned the disc to the vendor and asked for one that works!
Does the dvd player specs say that it will play this disc? Does it play others?
Is this a burned disc or a pressed one?

may be u didn’t read my post properly. they had the protection so that people like me dont copy audio from it. how do i play in my ipod! unless i extract it? IT PLAYS in AUDIO and MP3 players… i can see the track list in my computer too. it just doesn’t play. it doesn’t play in my DVD player either. I hope u got this clear. even if i get a second copy, its the same protected copy. whats the point?

… you can still connect your CD player to the line-in of your soundcard and record the music the classical way.

So, if I can manage to understand your comments, you are telling us the band is using UNCRACKABLE protection… :eek: :eek: :eek:
NO-ONE has managed this so far…move quickly and talk to Sony and EMI…they will pay MILLIONS for this information. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Or maybe there is something we are missing :doh: :doh: :doh:

:iagree: I’d use Audacity or Goldwave…
And OP don’t be such an arse, we’re just trying to help! :rolleyes:

Most of times,ripping protected audiocd’s is hardware dependant.
I have many optical devices,but it turned out that my Plextor Premium I and my Ultraplex TSsi can read most audioprotections,while some other drives can’t read any of them.
Try CloneCd’s audioprofile with “copy only 1 session” enabled …

You asked us to help you and when we ask questions or make suggestions you ignore us or complain. Answer the god damn questions!! try our suggestions and report back. We will try or best to resolve this problem but you must be more amenable and understand we are trying to find the solution by remote control. I am sure that many of the freaks here including myself would soon ‘crack’ the problem had we the disc in our possession.
Chill out man. :cool:
PS there is no way they can stop you doing what you want to do with their music, it’s just that you don’t understand [B]YET[/B] what they have done.

@hackerzlab: Please be a bit more patient with this enquiry: this is not MSN and it is counterproductive to criticise people trying to help you.

The best advice is to take the CD back to wherever you bought it and get a replacement or refund. Copy protection should not interfere with normal playback.

@t0nee1: Please refrain from name-calling.

@imkidd57 , will do! you know how it is ,try to help someone and you get ***t in return… :frowning:

It’s obvious that there is a problem with the CD, changing it would solve the problem.
Usually I convert files with Tunebite, but this is not the case. In such cases, of only extracting the files, he can use Cdex .

the trouble with is, i stay away in a different place. anyways my apologies if i’ve hurt anyone here. please dont mind

i’ll try out the softwares you guys recommend and let you know.

could just be a flaw in the mastering of the disc somehow

is it an actual pressed disc? or a -r?

i dont know what do u mean by pressed cd.

I tried all the softwares above but non works! hey guys, there’s no problem with the cd as it plays in audio players. still googling. if anyone has more softwares please do let me know. thanx again