Cant be? 100%cpu usage?

i know someone out there can help me. I’ve got this little problem.
it seems that rundll32.exe is using 100% cpu usage?? I’ve virus scaned. I’ve
malware scaned.kos,nod,spybot,everything i could possibly think of…
i know it wont go away. tryed to stop process threw task manager,wont stop!!
& allways runs at 100% cpu.what could this possiby be & what can i do to help this machine run better? by the way were talking about a ibm t41 laptop.
1.6 pent M with 768 ram. this machine has allways been good to me but as of latly its been a dog & i’m seeing this more & more(rundll32.exe). help!! :confused:

thanks bfk
believe it or not as soon as i want to the sight u sent me to & tryed to find out whatthe heck the dam thing was. it disapeared on me!!! wtf!! i guess i just wait for it to pop up again & try to catch it.I know i rely on all whom are here too much sometimes!! but i know I’ll get a fairly quick & sensable answer.thanks bfk & all whom read this!! :bow: :bow:
any other responces will be wonderfull & helpfull!!!

Must have been a BORG :bigsmile: