Can't Backup WC3 w/ a Sony CRX185E1

I don’t know why, but I’ve tried a ton of profiles and made a bunch of coasters. I’ve tried Lite-On SecuRom, plain SecuRom, Data CD, Game CD, SafeDisc (both).

I backed it up once, but it got lost so I figured it wouldn’t have a problem doing it again, but it did. I’ve made like, 10 coasters… :\

Try the Lite-on securom profile but disable reading of audio subs.

(i.e. Read: Data subs only + Regenerate data sectors. Everything else off. Write: Everything unchecked (or check Always close last session if you feel you must. Read at low speed, say 8x or even 4x. Write speed doesn’t matter. Also make sure that hide cd media is disabled when reading and note that it’s not sufficient just to close the tray icon; you must actually turn it off or it will still be active. Re-enable it if you subsequently want to play the copy from your writer.)

Let us know how you get on and if the above method fails try using alcohol with the standard securom new (not securom 4.x) settings.

What if the Hide CD-R Media option is greyed out? :\

Originally posted by jtzou
What if the Hide CD-R Media option is greyed out? :\
You haven’t read the FAQ!

After a bunch of coasters tweaking with CloneCD, I downloaded the Alcohol trial 1.4 (build 103) and it made a perfect copy reading at full speed. Shoulda tried this earlier… Thnx! :smiley: