Can't backup sony dvd w/anydvd ('Pursuit Of Happyness')

SONY DVDs a problem suddenly???

I have just also encountered a problem with Sony DVds while trying to burn AVI files in Divx format to be read on my LG 750 playback unit. It suddenly kicks them back out saying that they’re an “unknown disc”. If I use old stock or really off brands there is no problem. Checked out all my software and hardware and there is no problem. I can use old & off brands on a saved project (Nero) immediately after the Sony failure and they work on first pass.

Sony is giving me the run around. Still waiting for LG to contact me. Is there some new protection coding on new stock DVD’s?? Anyone heard anything?

There’s no such thing as “the one solve all copy program”, dvdfab is your best bet for Sony…although tricks are involved in dvddecrypter and dvdshrink as well as 1clickdvdcopy pro. DvdDecrypter needs no help, open dvddecrypter before inserting disc to stop CSS init/player installs…although sometimes running Anydvd in the backround will work on a fluke…dvdshrink works best if dvd43 is running before disc insert,and you tell it to ignore RCE if asked, unless you get the region right…fails. 1ClickDvdCopyPro likes dvd43 started first and then insert disk, then open program.

One thing that works really well for me is using dvd43 with dvdshrink 3.2, If I have a problem I use dvddecrypter, or 1Clickdvdcopy pro…write to file and use Folder2Iso…for some reason encryption “gets lost in the mix” all burns have been good so far. Sometimes I will decrypt with one program and convert to another type (file vs. ISO) and then use dvdshrink 3.2, and have it use the Nero 6.6 burning ROM…for some reason it works better than the Nero7…and IMGBurn . IMGBurn works GREAT if you take a file folder and build into ISO, then write selecting Verify. This works for me…but other factors are memory, startup items…and settings. It’s wierd, but I think all programs have a specific knack…and sometimes using them in conjunction with each other and sharing tasks…confuses encryption and it gets nailed! RipIt4Me is just a utility that uses dvddecryptr and dvdshrink…if you know what you are doing…you don’t need it!

Also…disable autoplay of dvd…right click on burner/properties/autoplay…choose always take no action. That way interactive and flash don’t start…remember to open dvddecrypter before disk insert. Play with the programs to find your niche on you computer…things work differently on different software/hardware configurations.

Good links…starups at ( Pacmans Portal(, Kelly’s Korner (Tweaks), these are some context add on’s that make tasks faster…be careful what you install, some can’t be undone. Another good one is sometimes newer is NOT better.

As far as I know, DVD Decrypter does not stop auto-play. RipIt4Me did that.

And get rid of DVD43. It’s not the most stable of programs plus it hasn’t been updated in such a long time. Use AnyDVD for that.

Download the new version just released