Can't backup sony dvd w/anydvd ('Pursuit Of Happyness')

Trying to backup Pursuit of Happyness but unable to decrypt it. Using 1ClickDVD Pro and AnyDVD.
Read that is possible just don’t understand the steps in doing so, sounds too complicated.
Any EASY instructions would be greatly appreciated as I am new to the whole proccess.


Let the AnyDVD operate in the background and try to copy the video main movie only.

Tried copying just the movie but even though AnyDVD scans disc it still does not remove encryption. AnyDVD says it is CSS protected.

Sony dvd’s have a special acrros encryption.To copy any sony dvd’s you might
own you should use dvdfab gold,or platinum. You can download them for free for
30 days. I think the newest version is 301.13.

Also you can use RipIt4Me which is free.

I just tried using RipIt4Me. When trying to download it, popup appeared saying I needed to use DVD Decryptor with it so I installed DVD Decryptor. DVD Decryptor was over 90% done when a window came up reading “rip seems to have been aborted, RipIt4 Me cannot continue.”

Anymore suggestions?


I had no problems when I used anyDVD and cloneDVD2.

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hellllp me I cant burn iron giant when I insert into drive dosnt show up on system asays no disc???

AS i have posted on another matter the trouble you are having is not with the copy protection system but the branching of the dvd itself you should have no problem with RIPIT4ME in conjunction with ANYDVD and a program to burn------------SILVERSURFER

ripit4me and anydvd dont work together

I dont believe dvdd or ripit4me will abort the rip by themselves unless the dvd has a really bad scratch or is dirty, try cleaning the dvd and rip again
once you rip it run it thru dvd shrink and burn with imgburn

AnyDVD should work fine on this title. In the event it has multi-angles or ILVUs then it would be best to either use AnyDVD or AnyDVD beta. AnyDVD had issues when the rewritten AnyDVD ripper was used on multi-angle or movies with ILVUs.

CloneDVD beta also had a problem with multi-angle/ILVUs so CloneDVD or CloneDVD beta should be used. The only reason I’m mentioning CloneDVD is that the ripping engine from CloneDVD is now used for the ripping engine in AnyDVD ripper. I’m not saying CloneDVD needs to be used.

With the above said, as I already said in the other thread that prpro1204 started it appears from their logs that CPRx is enabled. I don’t use 1Click but I would think that turning it off might be an important thing to do. This could be a reason as to why the AnyDVD & 1Click combo isn’t working.

AnyDVD does work for the newest Sony releases.

i agree with DrinkLyeAndDie… AnyDVD does work for the Sony new releases

Ripit4me does as well, for now, since it is no longer updated.

AnyDVD and beta versions are only copying [B]some[/B] of movie and will playback fine except the 1st 5 min. of movie’s missing as well as the last maybe 20min. of movie–gone (file size ends up being only 3.81GB instead of usual 4.29GB.) This is continues to happen even when selecting to copy movie only. I’ve tried copying dvd w/ CPRx disabled 5 different times but outcome’s still the same. I’ve cleaned my original dvd thoroughly using cleaning machine and it has no scratches/scuffs anywhere-looks new. (Had a few DVDs in poor condition that backed up fine.)
Just continue getting “a read error has occurred while reading a file,… etc” after around 89% completion of copy.

I am sorry I couldn’t respond to your private message right away.I am not very good
at text messaging. Anyway in response to your question ?. First place the dvd in to
the tray you record with. second make sure you close any other copying programs
such as dvd34free. All you have to do is right click on your mouse and click close
you don’t have to delete it. Next place PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS or,any other sony
dvd you own into your drive tray,and click on dvdfab gold or platinum which ever
you have.DVDFAB will analyze it then give you a message such as quality 53% or
something like that . Also on the bottom make sure the little box says dvd5.After the
analyze it will say copying.After it runs however minutes it takes. Take out your dvd
and place in a blank dvd-r or dvd + media, even if you have a double drive the
procedure should be the same.Providing no problems it should copy the movie okay.
Then you should get a message or somthing similar saying it copied successfuly.
If for some reason it didn’t there might be a problem with the original sony dvd you
were using.That being the case? Then use another copy.If that doesn’t work then
there might be a problem with your computer. That being the case try doing a system
restore before you try using dvdfab again.
Good Luck ZAP EM.

Hi All. I recently installed the latest version of dvd fab platinum I put pursuit of happyness through it and burned it straight to a dvd5 disc. When I tried opening with shrink and nero it would delay on nero but wouldn’t open on shrink. I would get the message “dvd shrink encountered an error cannot read from drive e” I then went to customise on fab platinum and opened up the original dual layer Pursuit of Happyness file.

I would then get the message dvd fab has encountered an error and needs to close. When I do the same on other files I never get this message. This is the second original copy of Pursuit of happyness that I’ve used and had the same problems with.

There seems to be a problem with some of the files. I have been advised to use image burn before putting files to disc,but don’t know what it does and where to download it from. Is this nessesary if I have the latest software on the market? How can I get around this problem? Someone please help!

Post in the right forum. If you want ImgBurn, search for it using google.

Or click on this link.



finally got mine to work using AnyDVD ( then copying folder to DVD w/ CloneDVD2 —both include free trial.

I had no problems ripping and burning “Pursuit of Happyness”. I always use DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD running in the background. On movies that DVD Shrink can shrink, I use it to do so. I always burn my final product using CloneDVD 2. Using this method and high quality Verbatim blank media, I have burned more than 1000 movies and have not created even one coaster.