Can't backup scarface or godfather

Hey I tried backing up scar face got an error as soon as cloneDVD started to copy it. I was getting the same error someone else was getting when trying to copy Frantic.Also The Godfather part one copied part two copied tried the 2nd disc of part 2 got them same message as scarface. So i got dvd decryptor and dvd2one cause grexx said it would work on the other thread with frantic, now CloneDVD gives me a ‘found 1 file structure error’. I’m pretty new to this so i might have made an error I would apperciate the help thanks

>‘found 1 file structure error’

You trying the third user case? Make an .ISO? I get 1 for LotR-TT and 10 for GoNY.

For ISO/UDF generation, CloneDVD is not yet able to reconstruct the file-layout if the source data is not contiguous (some original DVDs are, for some ECC block alignment reasons). This is scheduled for a fix soon by elby’s VOB guru, Armin.

So for now ther is no way to back it up? Whats the third user case? Sorry this is all new to me just started making DVDs a few weeks ago

third user case? Make an .ISO

he means third buttton down :slight_smile:

i made a backup of scarface and godfather, wiht ICopy8 wiht out any problem

been gone for a while i sucessfully copied my scarface dvd using clone dvd reading and writing no problems,but like i said in earlier posts,use dvd dycriptor in file mode then when its done use dvd20ne to recompress and then use clone dvd to burn…thats all it works great,so i dont see why u should be having this problem remember im region1,so try it again,dicript…then dvd20ne to recompress then clone for the final burn make sure u choose the right folder where its stored…hope that helps.

making a iso worked thanks

I had the same problem with other title. It was the disc surface that needed a deep cleaning. I used some tooth paste and water. Got it brand new and clone did it’s job succesfully.