Cant Backup Saw 3



Yeah. Lol, title says it all. So far Ive tried burning it once and the process ran smoothly but it didnt produce a working copy. When I tried using it it wouldnt even show the menu. On another DVD player all it would do is show the menu. I used DVDFab Decrypter to copy it to my HDD, then used DVD Shrink to compress and burn it. RipIt4Me wouldn’t rip it properly, it kept going down to 300 kb/s so I stopped it thinking there were errors. If anyone knows any guaranteed ways to get a backup of this movie, please tell me cause ive wasted so many DVDs on something that should be so easy. Thanks.


Clonedvd2 and anydvd will do it. :smiley:


Thanks a lot, I have Any DVD already, will this work for most DVDs as well like Rocky Balboa?


Oh also, will it compress it to fit on a DVD5?


Everybody on the forum has a successful backup of this movie, try the 21 day free trial of CloneDVD2, it will also do Rocky Balboa.:iagree:


Lol, so Im guessing it will compress the DVD to fit on a 4.7gb DVD5?




Awesome, thanks a lot, ive backed up so many movies without a single problem. Working on my Ren and Stimpy Collection now. Thanks a lot.